Game Demos

GenCon 2023 – Wasted Wisdom – Game Demo

04 août 10:00 am - 06 août 12:00 am

Ever make a drinking game? Ever make a drinking game and take it to GenCon for playtesting…only to find out on the airpline ride over that everyone you wrote to failed to mention that the indoors is dry and you can’t play with alcohol?

Fortunately, I’d had read Tony Horton’s book and I thought of a few Plan Bs to implement. Not only did we get to demo our trivia-physical challenge game Wasted Wisdom, but I was able to make it into an actual Physical Challenge game with a hardmode d20 version an an easy mode d6.

It was a great experience with a lot of fun play and feedback from the event organizers and players alike. We can’t wait to take the notes and make the changes to our game as it readies into production!

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