Welcome to the home of book mastery, where your creative visions mature into compelling narratives. I have helped hundreds of authors and researchers unlock their best version of their work and I look forward to helping you, too.

Why Me?

I am a dynamic force in the publishing and editing industry, offering over two decades of expertise. My approach is informative and based on my teaching methods. My educational background includes degrees from esteemed institutions like Oxford University, Lancaster University, UNLV, and Binghamton University. In addition to my background in creative arts, I have in-depth knowledge statistics, research methods, and general sciences.

My PhD is in Creative Writing, and I have three Master degrees including Political Science, Applied Linguistics, and English Literature. I bring a unique perspective to my work, helping writers of all genres to shape their ideas into captivating stories.

What I look for

As a seasoned Book Coach and Developmental Editor, I specialize in fiction, graphic novels, and non-fiction. I love horror, sci-fi, fantasy, historical, and mystery. I have worked with Romance, but it is not my favorite area. I enjoy working with short-stories, screenplays, and graphic novels of any genre.

For research and stats, I love engaging with quantitate methods and I can help you unlock the best examination for your data. I can also help make sure the parts of your research accurately represent your intentions and efforts.

What I don’t do

Thesis/Dissertation/Term Paper work. I won’t touch your academic research without an expressed note from your university stating such a review is ethical. I can proofread and review stats, but I do not perform the research nor do I write chapters or even re-write them.

I also do not ghostwrite. I used to, and did quite well ghostwriting, but I no longer perform this service.

Services That Transform Your Writing

First Consult for any of my services / 20 minutes / Free

Finding the perfect person to unlock your creative talents can be stressful. Let’s face it, you really need to connect to the person reviewing your work or things just won’t stick. This goes equally for the person coaching and editing. If we cannot connect as people, then it’s good to know before either of us spending time/money. This is why I give a 20 minute free first consult.

The consult is our chance to get to know each other and my chance to understand your needs. If, at the end of the 20 minutes, we still want to work together–great! If not, then we are out what is essentially a tea break.

Book Coaching / $200 USD per hour: I offer one-on-one coaching to help writers navigate the creative process. From developing a strong story idea to overcoming writer’s block, I provide the necessary guidance and motivation to keep you moving forward. Note: You cannot buy this directly from this website as I offer this service only after our free first consult. Also, there is a valued costumer discount when buying sessions in blocks.

A bit about the Book Coaching:

Before our first consult, have a look over what I offer as book coaching. You should have a few questions for me to use the free consult to the best of your advantage.

Where I can help you with Coaching:

  • Planning your first (or next!) great story.
  • Helping you outline and plot your novel or non-fiction. I can show you several ways to plot and spend your word count to make your work the best and cleanest it can be.
  • Writer’s Block is a specialty. I have helped hundreds of writers overcome their writer’s block and I am here for you!
  • Live read through. Sometimes it takes hearing your words read back to you for you to see where you need to improve. This helps catch clunky prose/misused words/general typos and flow issues.
  • Self-publishing help. I do not format or create book covers (anymore) but I can show you all the steps you will need to become a successful published author.

Research and Statistical Guidance / $400 USD per hour: 

Do you wonder if your data makes sense? Are you unsure of the SPSS tests you’re using? Maybe you need someone to review all that data ‘one last time’ before sending it off? With my experience at Oxford University, I am confident I can help you make your data presentation shine.

Developmental Editing Package / $40 USD per 1,000 words:

My developmental editing services focus on improving the overall structure and content of your work. I will help you enhance your plot, character development, pacing, and style to ensure your novel or non-fiction piece is engaging and compelling. This is in the form of written feedback including track changes comments and a full page write-up.

Take Your First Step Towards Writing Success Today

Your journey to becoming a published author starts here. With me by your side, we can transform your creative ideas into a work of art.  Drop me a line and we’ll start unlocking your brilliance.

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