Horror – Games, Movies, and Comics?! (Oh my!)

There is no secret about how big of a horror fan I am. I loved it since a kid and still look forward to my next scare (that isn’t cholesterol related). This site is going through a bit of a revamp. At first, I thought maybe I would use this for RBY overflow but I want to keep ‘personal and business’ separated (the irony here is the legal business name is Czykmate and RBY is the imprint).

So, starting in July a few changes are coming.  Most of the site is getting nuked and we will have a few sections for horror junkies like me. I’m a big pen and paper nerd, so expect some of that goodness, too.  Everything that is horror, really.  As a cool treat,  be on the lookout for guest writers. These folks are personally vetted horror buffs and I’m glad to be in a position to give them their shot (with pay!)

Until then….


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