Peter Vickland

They Wept Ink

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The ghost of childhood playthings, of youthful passions lost and forgotten; consumed by the harsh jaws of time and reality.

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They Wept Ink–Mark Russeu, a former painter, has reached middle aged and found himself in a comfortable, static state of office work and quiet home life. He, along with wife Jan, are going quietly away from each other and, as it seems, away from themselves. As his happiness decays into sedentary contentment, Mark is visited by unexpected visions of horror. As his wife drifts towards the arms of another, Mark must do battle with his demons, fighting for the survival of his soul, to keep his inner child alive.

About the Author

Peter Vickland is a Californian fiction writer and novelist. Born in Clovis, California in 1998, he has been creating stories from an early age. His other publications include In Every Direction, a novella released in April of 2017, and Utah, a prose piece published in August of 2018 with Fifty Word Stories, where it was featured as “Story of the Week”. Aside from writing, Peter enjoys sketching, painting, reading and collecting books. Peter currently lives in Sacramento, California, where he continues to write and create. More information about Peter Vickland and his work can be found at

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Peter Vickland

1 review for They Wept Ink

  1. Aristotle

    An entertaining book that assesses the possibities of failing as an artist and what could become of our lofty hopes and aspirations.

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