Joseph Sutton

The Bar of Soap: 31 City Stories


The Bar of Soap: 31 City Stories is collection of California, Seattle, New York, and Paris urban short stories by venerable storyteller, Joseph Sutton.

(27,680 words)

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This collection of short stories covers a wide range of subjects—from sex, sports and homeless stories (“The Bar of Soap,” “One Homeless Man,” “The Sap”) to school stories (“The Grand Experiment,” “Letter to a Thief”) and animal stories (“Jack Hamster”). Plus, there’s a cruel mother-in-law story, a story about an unthinking neighbor (“My Across the Street Neighbor the Ex-Marine”), a story about a man who saves Manhattan from disaster, and even a story about unknown writers being the equal of any writer that has ever lived. My stories are innovative and unusual, as well as stimulating and humorous.


About the Author:

Joseph Sutton was born in Brooklyn and raised in Hollywood.  He played football at the University of Oregon and graduated with a degree in philosophy.  He earned a teaching credential and a degree in history at California State University Los Angeles.  He has been a high school English and history teacher and also a costume jewelry salesman.  Sutton, who has been writing for over 45 years, has published eleven other books.  His essays and short stories have appeared in numerous national magazines and journals.  He lives in San Francisco with his wife Joan.

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