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Redemption Story (LGBTQ Award Shortlist!)


Redemption is a story about a young woman whose life went wrong. Her decisions spiral out of control until one day, she meets Kira. Iris thinks Kira will solve her life but finds out all too quickly that some things are better left dead.

(82,000 words)

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A story of one woman’s journey from darkness to light. From being on a dead-end road in life to having the world open up to her. Iris never tells us much about her past other than that she clearly has not had an easy life and either bad luck, bad choices, or a combination of the two, have left her adrift and committing crimes to get by. Then she meets Kira: a lightning ride with an uneasy moral compass culminating in self-discovery.

Review Quotes

‘A rollicking adventure that, at times, could even be humorous, but still packing an emotional punch.’ – Vicki Pipher-Moore

‘I.L Green’s novel reaches deep into the suffocating weight of mental illness and delivers a promise of a better world—if you are lucky and brave enough to grasp for it.’ – Jasmine Ambers

‘Mental illness, drugs, violence, and dark places—all of that plus a strong female protagonist who, warts and all, digs deep and kicks ass.’ – Jim Phoenix

‘Redemption Story is the discussion we don’t want to have but so desperately need….’ – Lamar Jenkins


About the author

Iris’ experience as a trained and certified mental illness specialist in the state of Illinois, and a person who suffers mental illness symptoms herself, she found a release of sorts in writing. While
writing for her is fun and adventurous, she still manages to include some of what she learned and experienced over the years successfully recovering from Borderline Personality Disorder that caused symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Iris is an English major at Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois and hopes to use her learned skills to enhance her writing ability. She currently occupies an empty nest at the same town as her university with wife Bonz, five dogs, and three exotic, though unwieldy, birds.

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LGBTQ Award Shortlist!


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