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Veteran. The word means different things to many people. In this Ricky’s Back Yard special issue, the word is defined and demonstrated by a group of authors, almost all of whom have one thing in common–they are all vets. The authors here are veterans from all eras and countries spanning from Korea to Vietnam to Iraq to Afghanistan and back again. These authors have one common purpose–to raise awareness and money for Veterans. All money from this book’s original run went directly to a small veteran’s organization that helped disabled Veterans.  It is also one of the earlier appearances of #Resist second place winner, Steve Carr.




An anthology near and dear to many of us at RBY.  Everyone in the anthology is a vet or directly related to one. These people, in the name of their country, have battled through rats eating at them, poisoned water, rocks thrown at them, spit at, driven to suicide, left homeless because of the shit in their head they can’t get out and we won’t help with, left in near broken shape because we rather turn our backs than face our conscious–and this is the stuff that happens to them in their own country. This doesn’t even mention WAR. Aint that a bitch?

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