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RBY Anthology – Cult


The first RBY Anthology featuring such writers as two PhDs and a grade-schooler! Also, the first appearance in RBY of #Resist second place winner, Mahmoud Sharif.




The very first anthology! Cult is pure raw ‘we be free wheelin” energy.  Where else can you find a collection of authors that range from a grade schooler to two PhDs?! Cult is also the first RBY appearance for #Resist second place winner, Mahmoud Sharif.

‘Cult’ can be anything. What do you think of when you hear the word ‘Cult’? Is it dark robes with hoods covering faces before the slaughter? Maybe the band or even Living Colour’s song? Cult is what you make of it. Our ‘Cult’ anthology showcases 13 authors and artists who bring their own spin on ‘Cult’ and all that it can encompass.

Warning: No matter what you define ‘Cult’ as, we define it to have mature content so do get the proper permissions before viewing.


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