Henry Presente

Personal Earthquakes


Personal Earthquakes: A collection of loss, punk, and betrayal from master storyteller, Henry Presente

(39,300 words)

Note: This is an ebook.



Personal Earthquakes – Seismic shifts in their lives force them to make sense of the aftermath. An American punk pilferer new to Berlin takes in a strange sex show that randomly reunites him with his long-lost sister. A disgusting man with a mind for money makes his millions in semen-stained clothing and basketball, and accidentally inspires a new religion. The courthouse is on fire, the elevator’s going to crash, and a nail-tough old-timer has a few minutes of life left trapped inside the box with his grandson’s fucked-up wife. These stories and more by Pushcart Prize nominated author, Henry Presente.

About the Author:

Henry Presente has published stories in Harpur Palate, The Columbia Review, SmokeLong Quarterly, Ricky’s Back Yard, and other publications of impeccable taste. A Pushcart Prize nominee, he has helped save enough energy to power 1 million homes for 1 year, learned how to “accept the ground” from expert martial artists, and shared a beer with a gold-toothed dancer named Jesus Christ, who couldn’t wait to dig his tired toes into a sandy beach come the weekend. He lives in Washington DC, which is still a hell of a fine town despite everything—though it wouldn’t be half the place without his wife (Meredith) and son (Luca).

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