Ryan Dunham

One More Than Thirty


Stories about loneliness, our need to connect with others, to find something that matters to us, and our frequent inability to do so. We are aware that we need something, even if we don’t always realize what it was we need. These stories are snapshots of moments in time in life’s journeys.

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One More Than Thirty explores our struggles to connect with others, our desire to find meaning and purpose in our lives, and the inescapable void many try to fill. Characters discuss philosophical problems while attempting to reach profound and transcendental conclusions, much like conversations we have with our friends into the late hours. All of this occurs as the characters experience the absurd, the uncanny, and the bizarre.  A woman gives birth to a triceratops. An adolescent sells apple juice illegally out of his mother’s kitchen in a speakeasy after Congress raises the drinking age. The moon becomes jealous of the sun. All of the stories in this collection are about characters in need. Sometimes they don’t realize what it is they need. Sometimes they don’t find it. Usually, they are looking for it in all the wrong places.


Review Quotes

‘Haunting stories about loneliness, our need to connect with others, to find something that matters to us, and our frequent inability to do so…’ – Vicki Pipher-Moore

‘A world of tension with a nail-biting level of suspense and the abstract colliding to make us feel connected with an uneasy emotional alliance….’ – Ana Chirulescu

‘Ryan’s storytelling is both enthralling and quirky. His stories capture the human drama and places it in a surreal world where, quite literally, anything is possible.’ – Jim Phoenix

‘We’ve all been these characters at least once with our struggles to connect and the somewhat impossibility of our emotional language to do so. Dunham’s short story collection is a Voyager Golden Record for the terrestrials among us.’ – Lamar Jenkins


About the author

Ryan Dunham was born in Clifton Park, NY. He earned both his BA and MA in English Literature and Creative Writing from Binghamton University. Ryan won the RBY $1,000 grand prize in Resist for short fiction and is a two-time Pushcart Prize nominee. In the Summer of 2009, Ryan saw his first Dead show. He was hooked by August. Currently, Ryan teaches English composition, computing skills, and career development courses at the Bryant and Stratton Albany campus.

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