Cass Eastham

Kalfona: Escape the Aviary

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Most post-apocalyptic science fiction has one thing in common: they know what happened. In Kalfona, they don’t.  Welcome to Kalfona, where the motto is ‘No one shall be convicted of murder if the killer eats the victim.’

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The Kingdom of Kalfona knows it survives upon the ruins of an ancient, high-tech civilization. Official interpretation declares nuclear war was the harbinger of the Breeds Disease, the sinking landscape, and the fall of ‘Ancient Merka’, but historians who study the evidence don’t buy the party line.

In Kalfona: Escape the Aviary, Charlie Banta has thirsted for a career in history all her life, yet when she comes of age to work, the kingdom decides her fertility is more important to the dwindling human race than her book smarts. Charlie’s journey begins inside a privileged commune where she must learn how to think ‘outside the cage’ in order to secure her right to study Merkan history. With the help of the four men on the History Team, Charlie struggles for balance on the fine wire between behaving and breaking the law so she can also earn the right *not* to have children.

Meanwhile, peculiar Merkan artifacts are trickling into town, and these objects should be a lot more decayed than they are.  It was hard enough to get the government to allow a woman on the History Team, now she must convince them to let a woman risk her ovaries on an archaeological expedition into the wilds of Kalfona. The Kingdom of Kalfona is a fully-developed world, rich in culture, that represents a well-blended mixture of that which currently exists on its original Northern California landscape.


About the Author:

My youth was moving from one Navy base to another, I then did a short bit wearing the uniform myself. I struggled for a decade trying to find balance in the marriage/family/career fantasy, followed by another decade bobbing along the poverty line while raising my children alone. I am a fan of science fiction, archaeology, the space race, earth science, tall ships, civic orchestras, head-bangers balls, women in uniform, animal rights, juicy steaks, and dictionaries. I have been chased out of Mexico, survived a major earthquake in Guam, 4WD across the breadth of Utah, learned to read English while living in Japan, suffered nine days of labor, fought a fire aboard a warship, wrote a full length novel in four days, and pulled my boys out of school to wait in line for the good seats at Star Wars. They say ‘write what you know’. I have boatloads to work with.

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Cass Eastham



4 reviews for Kalfona: Escape the Aviary

  1. Kasuf Bonniwae

    An incredible, fresh take on a genre. Eastham comes at postapoc with a new angle – no dull brown Mad Max nuclear deserts and no overdone gunfights. Eastham builds a deep world by immersing you in it and letting you see how it works from inside. This book is excellent.

  2. dawn svoboda

    This novel was a nice read and made it easy to enjoy!

  3. Kess Lendra

    Fun read!

  4. Jennifer Lozano

    Following Charlie explore and persevere within her society provided an intriguing look into the demands humanity would face in an environment they no longer had control over. This novel depicts how social demands play out in controlling individuals lives, as Charlie struggles to keep control over her own future. The world the author presented inhabited a sense of order and regimented operations that allowed it’s people to continue to survive beyond the loss of our modern civilization. I was entranced and compelled in following the functioning world that was so tangibly represented. Charlie was a strong central character and her hope to have a life predicated by her own wants made her a character I could deeply empathize with, she kept me invested in her path as the story progressed.

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