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Steve Carr’s Heat is a collection of short stories that explore the human condition and our role in this massive world. It is a collection of stories about people whom you pass by without giving much thought of, even when we’ve all been ‘one of those people’ who others pass by.


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“On that road it felt like the only place to go was its eventual end.” – from ‘The Shoe Tree Incident’.

In Heat, Steve Carr explores character and sorrow. The protagonists’ lives had pushed them back into a corner and there was nowhere else for them to go, no matter how much they tried to run, or fight, or bargain their way out. Whether through bad decisions or bad luck, things hadn’t turned out so great for them. We all think that we’re missing out on something, that better things are out there, if only someone would come along and rescue us. If only something would go in our favor to bring us what we want – but for many of the characters, as in life, it’s the end-of-the road.

Review Quotes

‘Steve Carr has an amazing ability to paint a landscape with just a few strokes of the figurative pen….’ – Vicki Pipher-Moore

‘A collection of short stories that examine the true grit of the human condition. Heat is an amazing reflection of the lives we often turn away from.’ – Juan Sanchez

‘Carr’s work is the written glue from which all of our lives are bound. It is a collection where humanity is exposed, warts and all, and where happy endings are truly works of fiction.’ – Jim Phoenix

‘It seems that Steve Carr popped into the short story scene from nowhere to become one of the artform’s most prolific writers. Heat is the book that I’ve wanted since the first time I’ve seen Steve Carr in one Ricky Back Yard’s punk anthologies. It does not disappoint.’ – Lamar Jenkins


About the author

Steve Carr grew up fatherless and poor in Cincinnati, Ohio, but his mother and teachers encouraged him to write, so he did, honing his craft for many years. During that time he spent three years in the Army, four years in the Navy, went to college, worked, traveled, and read. Most importantly he met thousands of people, and observed the minutiae of even the smallest details of the world around him. He wrote plays that were produced in several states and then in June, 2016, he submitted a short story to an ezine after not writing and submitting a story to a publication for many years. It was quickly accepted. Since then, his stories that cover a half dozen genres and a wide range of themes, have been published in over 200 publications, including anthologies, magazines, literary journals and ezines.

His first collection of short stories, Sand, was published by Clarendon House Publications in February of 2018.

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