Steven F. Martinez

Death’s a Bitch


Death, revenge, and dark humor–a novella by Steven F. Martinez that explores ‘what if’ on one of life’s final mysteries.
(25,000 words)
Note: This is an ebook.



Every once in a while there’s a news story about a homeless person being set on fire in their sleep. Most don’t survive it. But what would happen to the man who does? Death’s a Bitch is a story about one individual that Death gives a second chance. For Pague, it’s simple: get to the man behind the fire attacks, Mads McCauley, and kill him. But for Death, it’s a little more complicated than that.

About the Author:

Steven lives in Southern California with his wife, their two kids, and asshole neighbor. You can stalk him on Instagram under the handle @MrGoodbad

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Steven F. Martinez




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