Phantasm IV – The return of the return of the Tall Man

I love horror and I love Shudder. Shudder is what my Netflix queue should be and always failed. It is a cheap streaming alternative to ripping off your favorite movies by illegally downloading them and paying the artists jack. Shudder brings so much horror joy to us that if you are still stealing content because ‘you can’t afford’ it then you really need to get off the internet.

This time I heated up Phantasm IV: Oblivion aka “There was a 3rd movie?”. The Tall Man does not disappoint. I think he is the scariest mofo to ever stomp ass on an ice cream man and I know he’s featured in a few of my nightmares as a kid. Angus Scrimm plays the role perfectly. He goes to show that not everyone has to be Freddie to be scary in the 80s. Subtlety kills and this guy slays them all. But not even the Tall Man could escape 2016–the accursed year that took everyone worth staying alive for…

Let’s sit back and remember one old man whose balls you most definitely didn’t want to touch (wait…)

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