Bazowie! the new venture from SexyFandom

I love Bazowie! That’s right, I said it.  Bazowie! is the ultimate fandom magazine brought to you by the ultimate fandom website  What Molly Case and crew brought to the printed pages of their first issue is nothing short of amazing. It is everything we’ve always loved about SexyFandom (the art, the writing, the community of cool) but something live and tangible for your filthy little eyes and hands.

IN this issue we have some great interviews and cultural happenings.  I mean we’re talking about Masuimi Max, RazorCandi, Vaughn Belak, Anastassia Bear, and WindID_Lust–PLUS Comic Cons, fashion (wtb R2D2 heels), television, and movies.  It is SexyFandom in a bottle (or more accurately, in kick-ass magazine form).  There are a lot of great voices here and each of them shines through as one collective Sexy Fandom family.

Not only is the writing engaging and fun, but the photography! Oh, the photography! Masuimi Max’s Morat alongside BlueBlood’s Amelia G and Forest Black?  PLUS art by Vaughn Belak and RazorCandi? You’ve got to be kidding me. That’s like putting Michael Jordan with Larry Bird on the 88 Lakers,  which was pretty much what the Dream Team Olympics were about…for those who keep score at home.  Does that make Jim Phoenix Sir Charles?  *shudder*   The point is there is plenty to keep all of your visual and mental sensories going and flowing in this high quality ‘sexyfandom in print’.

The price is pretty damn right, too.  If you love fandom, sexy or otherwise, you need to do yourself a favour and pick up an issue of Bazowie! I put my money where my mouth is (hard to eat, I am sure…bloody Loonies) and picked up a digital and print version of this. I must say no matter how good the digital version looks, the print is flawless.  Such a great quality design and hats off to the entire team.

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The Horrors of…freelance work

Ever want to make money writing? Sure, it’s easy, right? Everything from Copywriting to Editing to Screenplay to Novel work just falls into your lap as a writer.  Sorta. Everyone thinks they can write. Everyone thinks they can tell the best damn story alive. I’ve got this great idea, kid! All I need is a writer–I’d do it myself, but I’m quite busy, you see.  I bet you’d love to see your name on the dust jacket of a #1 best seller!

I’ve got this great idea, kid! All I need is a writer–I’d do it myself, but I’m quite busy, you see.  I bet you’d love to see your name on the dust jacket of a #1 best seller!

Do you mind helping me with my life long creative dream of writing a 3000-page screenplay? I’ll buy you lunch!

I want an EXPERT to do this! None of this Mickey Mouse clown crap!  I pay top rates–TOP RATES!!!…of less than 1 cent a word.

And the band marched on….

Today’s unrealistic offer comes to me via UpWork aka the ‘Hey, we used to only take 10% of your pay, now we gouge for 25, good luck, fuckers!’ company.  There are some great jobs I have found on UpWork (SexyFandom, I’m looking at you!) and some soul crushing utter shite that I won’t mention. I’ve had feature films and novels released via companies looking for freelancers on UpWork. I’ve also had some rather disturbing run-ins with….well…we won’t get into that. I’ll never look at Pool Cleaning the same way again, though.

The work offered today wasn’t targeted, but just on the ‘list of things to browse’ for me.  The work seems legit, but a few flags are highlighted.  If you need them explained… (less than 1/2 a cent per word, by the way).

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