Emerging Voice – Johnson-Ehidonye Patrick Sopuruchukwu Bernard

35Every once in a while I get into contact with a new voice in the writing community. It is a magical time for me when I can discover someone new and see how the world looks through their prose. One of the new writers recently came to me through a course I teach at University of the People.  He has a strong voice and I think one of the better views of the Nigerian region that can be found. If you want something honest and thought provoking, then you need to check out Johnson-Ehidonye Patrick Sopuruchukwu Bernard.

One particular story of note is his analysis of youth crime in Nigeria. If you want to see history (and events) told from a perspective of someone who has to live in and is defined by the culture, then this is an interesting piece.  Not only can we see the issue from the inside out, but we can see the author wrestle with the socialization of culture whilst exploring it from the inside.


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