I'm not ever sure where in Camden that hat is...An ‘About Me’ page is an awkward thing to write. You can probably tell that I am doing this myself and will update the site myself. I think it is important not to lose touch with the things that made us (make us) who we are today. You can probably sum me up a few ways. I’m a writer. I’m an educator. I love reading. I think the world needs more storytellers and I hope to assist with that aspect.

I have a BA and MA in political science. It was depressing at times to see things and not be able to communicate them to the rest of the public. This journey of self-expression brought me to my MA in English and my PhD in English-Creative Writing.

If you want to really see a culture, then you need to read a book. If you want to see the American identity then you need to read Hunter S. Thompson, Nelson Algren, and Hubert Selby Jr. If you want to read something that will just freak you right out (and still be on the American culture) give Naked Lunch a spin.

Then again, maybe you should start out with Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke. I think that sums us up mighty nice.

I guess Morrison was right. The self-essay really is nigh impossible.


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