31 Oct 2017

Bazowie! the new venture from SexyFandom

I love Bazowie! That’s right, I said it.  Bazowie! is the ultimate fandom magazine brought to you by the ultimate fandom website Sexyfandom.com  What Molly Case and crew brought to the printed pages of their first issue
15 Jul 2017

The Horrors of…freelance work

Ever want to make money writing? Sure, it’s easy, right? Everything from Copywriting to Editing to Screenplay to Novel work just falls into your lap as a writer.  Sorta. Everyone thinks they can write. Everyone thinks they
17 Dec 2016

Phantasm IV – The return of the return of the Tall Man

I love horror and I love Shudder. Shudder is what my Netflix queue should be and always failed. It is a cheap streaming alternative to ripping off your favorite movies by illegally downloading them and paying the
5 Nov 2016

Hellbenders – the movie needs to be a Netflix series

Quick pick for this month after a long absence. Hellbenders is a horror-comedy about a group of Holy people with the sacred mission to take down the forces of evil by any means necessary. The concept here
19 Jun 2016

Conjuring 2 – Why horror movies exist

Long time no see. I’ve been busy doing that ‘review for pay’ job I’m a bit fond of, but it’s back to my own review for a quick look at Conjuring 2. Conjuring 2 is the movie
7 Apr 2016

The Screenwriting Workshop

Normally I review horror stories, and this actually qualifies. It is ‘The Screenwriting Workshop’ and it was created by one of my students in the now defunct Milton Park screenwriting class (gotta love when ‘new management’ comes
17 Mar 2016

The Witch is awesome…unless you wanted horror

Before my almost non-existent horror video blogs are boycotted, let me start out by saying, “I like The Witch”. I think it was well done. I think the writing and the acting and everything in between was
17 Dec 2015

The #VaticanTapes – a movie that wasn’t

I think it was just a brief moment ago that I wrote about this killer zombie movie from down under. I said zombie genre was the bestest in the whole wide world–except, of course, for possession films.
8 Dec 2015

Zombie Down Under – Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead

Zombie movies. How I love them. I seriously think the only movie genre that can trump a zombie movie is the possession genre. I haven’t seen anything worth mentioning on the possession end, but darn if I
28 Aug 2015

Inner Demons – #Netflix US gem

I’m back in Canada for a bit and that means my VPN is stuck on Netflix US.  I’m not sure why Netflix Canada has such a poor selection of horror (or even non-horror…).  One great gem that